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Dear VHF Amateurs,

Did you know .....that looking westward from your anchorage you are looking at the pearl of the Dutch westcoast!

This pearl is hidden undersea in it's oyster. As pretty as it looks from the outside, how sparkling it is from the inside.

Swimming around has much to offer for seafarers hanging on to their anchor nearby. Seriously, it may well become your most favorite passtime instead of a well deserved shoreleave.

Being one of the most favorite beach resorts in The Netherlands, Scheveningen posesses an abundance of possibilities for wining and dining, pleasure and entertainment. It is worth the swim.

On shore you will find an endless list fine restaurants, café's, bars, museums, casino's and shops within barely a 15 minutes travel from the harbour.

Check us out and in less than 10 minutes we will send you a swimsuit that will make all your friends jealous. Be right in the middle of this glittering landmark!

We are more than happy. Have a good time swimming and don't call us.

to know more about the possibilities to come ashore.
Note: don't call us by VHF as we cannot be reached by VHF.


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